Drink, Eat & Play

Drink, Eat & Play

Our Beers


Kölsch - 4.5% ABV

Our Kölsch is crisp, clean, and subtly fruity inspired by beer tradition from Köln, Germany. Brewed using ale yeast but fermented at cooler temperatures, it strikes a delicate balance between ale and lager characteristics, resulting in a refreshing and easy-drinking experience. Its pale golden color, mild malt sweetness, and gentle hop bitterness make it a perfect choice for those seeking a sessionable yet flavorful brew.

Czech Pils - 5% ABV

Our Pilsner showcases the delicate noble hop profile from Tettnanger and Mittelfrüh hops, layered over 100% Bohemian Pilsner malt. Expect a well-balanced bitterness and subtle floral notes, characteristic of the style. With a clean, crisp finish, it's a refreshing choice for any beer enthusiast.

Hefeweizen - 5% ABV

In German, “hefe” refers to the yeast which remains in suspension, giving the beer its cloudy appearance, and “weizen” means wheat. Wheat malt creates a smooth body and precise fermentation by a weizen yeast strain imparts banana and clove into the flavor profile.

Vienna Lager - 4% ABV

An amber-reddish Austrian beer style with caramel, malty notes and a clean, dry finish. A hint of noble hops and clean fermentation creates a balanced, drinkable, and all-round crowd pleaser of a beer.

Lackner Lager - 6.5% ABV

Our Helles Bock with mild malt character balanced by crisp, noble hops is brewed in honor of Eric’s Austrian family on his mother’s side. This style is traditionally served in May between the last thaw and the first bloom aka the “Bavarian Spring.” This beer has the headbutt of a bock but is more crisp and drinkable than other bocks in the herd.

Hazy IPA - 4.5% ABV

Repping the East Coast style, our Hazy Session IPA offers juicy, bold flavors and a full body without the hoppy bitterness. We stack in hop flavors starting in the whirlpool and saturated with an aggressive dry hop of Idaho 7, Citra, and a X014 experimental hop to create a crushable mosaic of berry, passion fruit, and mango.

IPA - 6.5% ABV

IPA - We may be euro-centric, but we still want to give the IPA lovers something to talk about. Our west coast style IPA pairs clean bitterness with the dankness of Simcoe and Centennial and Southern Cross, layered over pale malt for a crisp, dry finish.

Dry Irish Stout- 5.5% ABV

Brewed in honor of St. Patrick melds deep dark malts with drinkability. The coffee and dark chocolate aromas are well known to repel snakes, while mild carbonation and bitterness makes sure you won't be weighed down while celebrating. We don't believe in defiling good beer with green dye, but a pint of our stout is at least equivalent to wearing a green top-hat, and will surely put you in good standing with leprechauns.

Dunkel- 5% ABV

This malt-forward dark lager offers flavors of chocolate, bread crust, and caramel from traditional Munich malt. Despite its darkness, this is a cool weather crusher, blending the light body of a lager with the malt complexity of a porter. May we be the first to welcome you to the Dunkel side.

Seltzer- 4.5% ABV

We also now carry Partake, a non-alcoholic beer offering.

Our Brewer


I started brewing beer when some friends in Nairobi asked me if I wanted to help them start a brewery. At the time, I didn't drink beer and knew nothing about it. I taught myself to brew using chemistry, biology, and manufacturing principles. I read constantly, and brewed constantly to build up my knowledge. My unique value addition is the least sexy part of brewing: building repeatable processes and making sure the beer is good every time. I of course, love designing recipes, but I mostly love the chemistry and biology behind beermaking.

At The Alpine Goat Brewery, we’re bringing the spirit of The Alpine to the Shenandoah Valley. From the brewing side, that means focusing on continental beer styles. We’re blending that with the aesthetic of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the American innovation and creativity that American craft brewing has brought to beer.

— Isaac DiGennaro, Head Brewer

Our Brewer

Alpine Food


Light snacks are available during taproom hours with rotating food trucks for events and weekends.

Hosting a private event? Options are available to bring in a caterer or use a partner we work with. Inquire for more information.



The Alpine Goat is a family and dog friendly establishment. Our dream was always to make this a place where all ages could enjoy spending an hour or the entire day. From crowd-friendly menu items and non-alcoholic beverages to wide open activity spaces and yard games, we hope you find something that each member of your family or party will enjoy.

Romp in the grass, play a round of cornhole, set-up a picnic, engage in your favorite outdoor game, or go on a bike ride to explore the country and end with a pint.

Please note: Well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome in the outdoor Biergarten only.
Dogs are not permitted during the Grand Opening Weekend


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